Dyeing & Bleaching

Our dyeing operation is equipped with the availability of most sophisticated dyeing machinery in shape of Pad Dry Thermasole Continuous range while the other Pad Steam Continuous dyeing range along with atmosphere Jiggers capable of dyeing up till the width of 300cm. These modern facilities coupled with our careful selection of Azo-Free Dyestuff, Fire Retardant, Anti Crease with continuous monitoring of all process parameter and with regular instrumental color measurements, guarantee the true and natural impression of colors. We are also facilitate with continues bleaching plant and superbly doing H2O2 bleaching specially for commercial use of Hotels and Hospitals.


Shalimar, is most popular and renowned for the finest printing in this pail of the world and the company is capable to print with such diversity using pigment, creative, 8 colors up to 16 in pigment-reactive section with the capacity of 53" width up to 120" finish.


We have the facilities of bleaching, dyeing and printing with the finest feel finishing upto 305cm and process our fabric at higher level of quality.